Win One-Of-A-Kind ASHFALL & ASHEN WINTER Manuscripts

I’m in the middle of moving and have to empty out my closet of doom. The one that vomits on me anytime I open the door. Part of the closet of doom is 14 old manuscripts of ASHFALL and ASHEN WINTER.  I could recycle them, but maybe some of you would be interested in seeing just how bad my writing is before it’s edited? Or reading the original ending to ASHFALL or ASHEN WINTER (both of which sucked, by the way)? These are unique manuscripts that may have editing marks and comments from me, my wife, my publisher, or various beta readers. Some of them may not be complete. Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win. If you live in the United States, I’ll spring for shipping. If you have a non-U.S. address, you’ve got to pay for shipping. (Sorry, but international shipping on 14 manuscripts would be expensive!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here’s the stack of manuscripts I’m giving away:


I’ve also got an extra copy of In Real Life, an awesome young adult novel about a teen struggling to make it in big-league Korean professional video gaming:

In Real Life Cover

And finally, a copy of Eleanor and Park:

Eleanor and Park Cover

It’s signed to Mike (I met Rainbow twice and had a copy signed to me both times, because I’m a ditz):

Eleanor and Park Signature

Good luck!

19 thoughts on “Win One-Of-A-Kind ASHFALL & ASHEN WINTER Manuscripts

  1. Would love to win one of the manuscripts to keep for myself!
    Hope the packing up to move is going well, don’t forget to label everything, Wishing you many happy years in your new home too!

  2. I missed you when you visited the library in Clarksville, Indiana. I’m still kicking myself for that. I love your books!

  3. this would be an amazing gift for my oldest son Nicholas. He is a huge fan of yours. He has told so many people about the Ashfall series that it is never available to check out at our local library!
    Reading is an important part of our family and having this unique gift would really make his day!

  4. our students still talk about you visit to our school in Vermont, and your books are always out! We would love to have the manuscripts to use as part of our writing course.

  5. Hi There,

    I see that the manuscripts are bound. Was that done after they were returned to you or is that how they were submitted?


    • I had some of these bound. But if you’re asking about submissions, generally publishers and agents prefer that you do NOT bind manuscripts you submit. (Although I’m not sure if anyone even takes paper submissions any more. Everything is done by email now.)

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