Charity Auction for Advance Reading Copy (ARC) of SURFACE TENSION!

I still have a few copies of a very early version of my forthcoming book, SURFACE TENSION. Only about 300 of these will ever be printed, so it’s quite a collector’s item. Plus you’ll get to read my next book SIX MONTHS before everyone else (it releases on 5-8-18). SURFACE TENSION is about a teenager, Jake, who sees a group of terrorists causing a plane crash from the ground. The terrorists notice Jake watching them, and they want him dead.

Want one? I’m holding a charity auction to benefit The Friends of the Danville Public Library. Here’s how it works:

Bid by commenting on this post. Minimum bid is $10, bid in whole dollars only, please. Bidding is open until 6:00 p.m. eastern time on Saturday 11/18. At least one winner will be awarded, but I may award multiple winners. (You may win an ARC even if you’re the second or third place bidder.) If you win, make your donation directly to The Friends of the Danville Public Library here and then email your receipt and mailing address to I will sign all ARCs, if you’d like yours personalized to someone, give me the details in your email, please. I will pay shipping costs anywhere in the world for the winner or winners.

I got involved with the Danville Public Library when I moved to Danville, Indiana two and a half years ago, and I’m now the president of their Friends group. We’re running a big deficit this year and next, so I’m hoping some of my fans will chip in to help close it. Thanks! We’re a 501(c)3 group, and ARCs are not allowed to be resold, so I’m pretty sure you can claim the whole donation as a tax deduction. (I’m not a tax lawyer though, so don’t take my word for it.) Good luck!


12 thoughts on “Charity Auction for Advance Reading Copy (ARC) of SURFACE TENSION!

  1. Awesome, I wish I had the money to help support the cause. You’re a great author, I look forward to your next books.

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