One of the most common questions questions I get is this: what’s ASHFALL #4 about? Instead of typing a separate answer yet again, I’m going to share everything I’m currently willing to discuss here.

First, yes, there will be a fourth full-length ASHFALL book. So it will no longer be a trilogy. Or a three-and-a-half-ology. Now I think it will be a tetra-logy? Or a four-and-a-half-ology? Anyway, the series order will be: ASHFALL, (DARLA’S STORY is a novelette that can be read before or after ASHFALL), ASHEN WINTER, SUNRISE, and ASHFALL #4. No, I don’t have a title for the fourth book yet. If you’ve got a great idea and don’t care if I use it (you won’t get paid anything), then email me!

I have until December 31st, 2017 to deliver the manuscript for ASHFALL #4. I hope to get it done a lot sooner. But I’ll take as long as I need to to write a great book. I know it’s hard to be patient, so thank you.

I outline my books before I write them, but while I’m writing I often change the outline. Or scrap chunks of it completely. So the information I’m about to share may change. With that said, here’s what ASHFALL #4 is about: It starts two years after SUNRISE ends. Alex and Darla are the proud parents of an 8-month-old girl named Gloria, after Darla’s mother. Speranta is incredibly prosperous. In terms of technology, standard of living, and food storage, they’re years ahead of all their much larger neighbors. One of those neighbors wants Speranta’s riches for itself. And they’ll stop at nothing to get them.

Thanks for your continued support and all the questions you’ve emailed me. I love my fans! –Mike

27 thoughts on “ASHFALL #4

  1. YAAAY 😀 This is awesome news Mike. I haven’t yet read Sunrise, but I know I will enjoy it 🙂 I liked the first two books a whole lot. And this fourth one do sound amazing so far 😀 Best of luck writing it 🙂

    • Thanks. SUNRISE is the book I’m proudest of. It was easily the hardest of the three to write–the structure is considerably more complicated than in the first two books. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. We are so glad to here you are writing another book in the series. Have not read anything to date that we have liked since Sunrise. Can’t wait!! Will try to help you think of a title as well. Can’ t praise this series enough! One of the best we read ever!! Did I tell you we were excited!!
    Happy writing!

  3. I almost cried from happiness reading that there will be a 4th ASHFALL book! Then I’m immediately terrified for my beloved characters because I know that no one and nothing is safe in your novels- and esp. in this world that you’ve created. Thanks for the premature stress!

    • I’ve only written half the first draft, and I’ve already killed two important characters. I think I may need professional help with whatever makes me abuse my poor characters so badly. They should really find a nicer author to write them :).

      • Well that is not gonna work for us… gonna have to rewrite it! Lol just joking:)
        Can’t wait to read…

      • I expected nothing else from you. You belong to the George R.R. Martin/Robert Kirkman school of murdering/torturing all your characters. I’m holding out hope that you won’t completely devastate the fanbase by killing Alex or Darla. I’m also hoping for a baby to up the stress level for the readers (or at least this one).

  4. Do you think It’ll be finished before the December 31st 2017 d? Im super hyped for this book. It’s hard to beilive I’ll be in college when this book comes out.

  5. So incredibly excited for this book. If I have to wait until 2018 I will to get the best book possible but I’m crossing my fingers for sooner.

  6. I am really excited to hear you are planning a fourth book as I am addicted to the ashfall series. Iove the way you write, there are surprises around every page. I hope no one to important dies😉. I read all your books last week so you gained a new fan from Wyoming. Best of luck

    • Important people die in ASHFALL #4. Sorry! It’s really important to me to write a realistic book, and, sadly, in an apocalypse, the death toll would be horribly high. Thanks for your kind words about my work.

  7. I am so hyped about Ashfall #4! I read your last three books in 3 days(Who needs sleep?) and I was soo hooked. This is the best present I could ever get for my birthday!(Today is that day) One question: Whos perspective is this in? Thanks and good luck writing this amazing book.

    • Thanks, Anthony! Right now part of ASHFALL #4 is in Alex’s perspective, and part is in a new character’s perspective. It’s possible that might change, however.

  8. Im so excited for this book. Its been about a year since i finished sunrise and i still haven’t found a series that that pulls me into the story as much as yours cant wait.

  9. Easily my favorite book series, it is thrilling, action packed, and also incorporates things that readers of all ages love. I am glad you took the time to write these books and respond to your devoted fans.

  10. I read all of them in three days for the first time, and today I read all of them in 13 hours. No explanation needed.

  11. You’ve given a lot of people (including me) a lot of joy with your books. Thank you.

    I wonder if Ashfall 4 will give us some hints on what happened to the U.S. government. It’s hard to believe that with all the resources of the military and pre-positioned shelters (presumably with stockpiled supplies), it would just vanish.

    • Thanks, Carl! Book 4 does give a broader perspective about what’s going on in the rest of the U.S. and world, although my first goal is to tell an engaging story.

      I’m not sanguine about the United States’ prospects in a disaster this large, although there would certainly be successor states claiming the mantle of the U.S., just as there were states claiming the Roman Empire’s mantle for hundreds of years after it fell.

  12. Hey Mr. Mullin!
    I’m just your average teen living in this world, but one who is extremely interested in post-apocalyptic novels. This series has been a great journey for me. It kept me yearning for more. So much that I finished the whole series in a little over a day! Thank you for making that happen, for writing a spectacular series. Can’t wait to read Ashfall #4 (how about sunset?)

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