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This pile of papers, the SUNRISE page proofs, has consumed the last few days of my life:

Page Proofs

I went through them putting a physical dot on every word to force myself to read the whole thing one more time looking for mistakes. All three of the editors who work on my books do a fabulous job (Thank you, Peggy Tierney, Lisa Rojani Buccieri, and Dorothy Chambers!), but four sets of eyes are better than three, and at the end of the day, it’s my name on the front of the book.  It’s a long process checking a book this exhaustively. I spent roughly three sixteen hour days and drank seven pots of coffee. If I’ve been slow replying to your email, this is why. But I’m finally done.

So I was getting ready to toss the pile in the recycling bin when I had a thought–I bet there’s someone out there who would LOVE to have this stack of papers. It’s the only one like  it in the world. I’ll sign it, and it has my personal notes, doodles, corrections, and coffee stains. It might be hard to read in places, because I’ve defaced every word with a dot from an ink pen, and I’ve jammed the whole lot into my backpack ungently several times, but that’s part of the fun, right? It’s fairly close to a final version of SUNRISE–it definitely has fewer mistakes than the advance readers copy (ARC), for example.

How do you win? Let’s make it easy. Post something about SUNRISE–it can be a blog post, Facebook post, Pinterest board, tweet, physical bulletin board, library display, whatever. Include the release date (3/17/14) and the cover:


Email a picture or link to by 1/26/14. You can enter as many times as you want for different posts (i.e. one blog post, one Facebook, one physical bulletin board, etc.). I’ll ask my wife or editor to pick a favorite post, and I’ll mail the winner the manuscript on 1/27/14–more than a month before SUNRISE goes on sale. If there are a lot of entries, I may also award ARCs as runner-up prizes. This contest is open anywhere in the world, and shipping will be at my expense. Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Win a Signed SUNRISE Manuscript

  1. I now need to know how this trilogy ends. I have like the first two books, and now I need closure to the saga.

  2. I have read, reviewed, and loved ASHFALL, and am reading ASHEN WINTER. I will be joining the SUNRISE blog tour, and am eagerly anticipating completing this entire trilogy.

    I am happy to support Mike and spread the word about his books around the internet. Congratulations on finishing final page proofs!

  3. I am not a reader. Infact i hate reading. My wife worked as a editor for a magazine and was given the first book of this series. I ask what they were about . She told me to read the back and find out. Will I did and I didn’t put them down until I was finished with them. I enjoyed reading them. First time for everything they said. I am actually looking forward to getting Sunrise and reading too. I just know it is going to be as good as the others were. Thank you for writing them.

  4. I adore your writing. The characters in the novels are so interesting
    and well rounded! I have been eagerly anticipating Sunrise. I am only
    anguished that I have to wait until 3/17/14 to read your novel.

  5. I’m so glad you didn’t recycle your page proofs because I’m one of those people who would LOVE to have these pages I think it would be cool to share them with the kids at my school. We have several budding young authors who I’m sure have no clue how much work goes into writing and editing a novel. Plus, as a teacher/librarian, I’m very good at reading papers with lots of doodles, edits, stains, etc. so I’ll get an early peak at Sunrise. I’m going to spend my 3 day weekend working on my entries. Watch for them next week!

  6. Shouldn’t this be in the archives of the IUPUI or some such? I understand you could take a massive tax deduction …”Nixon, with a salary of $200,000, paid $792.81 in federal income tax in 1970 and $878.03 in 1971, with deductions of $571,000 for donating ‘vice-presidential papers’.”

  7. Mike, what a wonderful contest! I would love to share these pages with one or two of my avid readers – but whoever wins this unique prize will surely appreciate it! Good luck to everyone!

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