What Am I Writing Now?

The most common question I get is what’s next? What am I writing  now that the ASHFALL trilogy is done?  I’m going to answer it here so that I can just refer people to this post instead of typing out a long response every time someone asks.


First, yes, the ASHFALL trilogy is complete. I’m not planning to write any more  books or short stories set in that universe. I like where I left Alex and Darla. Yes, they still have some things to work out, but if you want to explore that, let me suggest that you try writing or reading fan fiction. I’m completely pro-fanfic as long as it’s free.

I’ve started drafting what I think will be a stand-alone young adult thriller. The working title is SURFACE TENSION. It’s about a teenager who sees a group of terrorists causing a plane crash from the ground. He’s the only one who knows how they’re crashing planes, and they want him dead.

Edit 5/11/14: A few weeks ago I was asked about a fourth ASHFALL book during one of my school presentations. I gave my usual answer–that I liked where I left Alex and Darla and that a series should steadily expand in scope as it progresses. The quintessential example is Lord of the Rings. The first book opens with Bilbo and Gandalf at a birthday party–the scope is tiny. By the time the trilogy ends, there are dozens of characters involved in a world-spanning struggle–the scope is immense. And then it struck me–an idea for expanding  the scope in a fourth ASHFALL book. So it’s possible that I might revisit Alex and Darla’s story. I”m going to finish SURFACE TENSION and then, if the sales of the ASHFALL books continue to be good and my publisher is interested, I might–MIGHT–write a fourth ASHFALL book.

Edit 4/16/15: There will be a fourth ASHFALL book! I signed the contract a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, there will be a long wait since I’ve only written four chapters and an outline so far.

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    • Hi mike my name is Hannah and my best friend is Andrew. He and I would love to be in the fourth book. I hope you take this into consideration. We would love to be survivors that Alex finds and takes care of us. Or at least have darla have twins and name them Hannah and Andrew. We would seriously die of delight. Thank you for considering this possibility please please please. I hope the books turn into movies so my lazy friends who don’t enjoy the magic of books can under stand why I love to read this collection. Thank you

    • The series was really great, I can’t wait for that 4th book. I hope that if the series becomes a tv series or movie series, that the characters resemble the way you described them. There have been so many movies that have been made but get the characters all wrong and leave out some of the most important pieces of the book. Such as divergent they didn’t include that the lady from the tattoo parlor was the lady that had given them all tests and knew that she was divergent and knew what that meant before Tris even did.

      • There is a television series currently being worked on. I talked to Mr. Mullin and he said that the people who made Teen Wolf are currently working on the pilot for it. So it will be awhile, but there will definitely be a show coming out!

  1. GREAT series!! Loved all the characters throughout all 3 books. The action started in chapter 2 of book 1 and didn’t stop until the end of book 3. GREAT job!!

  2. Is there a published picture of bikezilla? It’s a fascinating invention, but I can’t quite picture it.

  3. I am addicted to the ASHFALL series. I’ve read the first book alone 40 TIMES!!!! Mike is an amazing author and hasn’t failed to lose hold of me yet

  4. I remember you telling me about this book when you came to my school and I couldn’t be anymore happier to see you’re working on it!!

  5. I loved everything about ASHFALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never been so captivated by another book, I truly hope you write a 4th book! I think this series would make great movies, I’m sure you’ve thought about it and I was just curious if this would be a possibility? Can’t wait to read SURFACE TENSION!!

  6. I REALLY LOVE your ASHFALL books and i really hope you make a fourthbook because I have A LOT of questions and i dont think that the last book answered a whole lot. but i would like to say great wammy with Alex’s cousin or niece being gay. i would have never thought it was her giving Alyssa those gifts and not Max. Can wait to read SURFACE TENSION!

    • Well.I am your biggest fan on the west coast and have been spreading the word about ashfall to everyone. On the topic of typing to everyone who asks just write a response in a word doc and if anyone asks just copy and paste. That way they feel like you took the time to write a lengthy response… Ive had to do this when organizing events around my church.

  7. Well Mike, I have to say that I am truly addicted to your books now. I can’t wait for your new one to come out so I can give it a shot too, but what I really want to say is that another addition to the already great Ashfall trilogy to end it would make me, my boss, my girlfriend, and multiple friends of mine that I have let borrow my books to read, very happy. I started reading them in high school as a junior when it first came out. I was the second person to read it at my school, and as soon as I finished it I went to the librarian and asked for the second one. When she said that they didn’t have it, I asked her if it was even out. She said no, but if I could get one more kid to ask for it, then she would buy it for the library. Well, it turns out not many kids at my school like to read. So I had to wait and wait and wait until it came out and then I bought it myself along with the first one on Amazon. I head to school the next week and I see it sitting on the shelf with all the new arrivals and I couldn’t help but think, “Damn it. I might’ve wasted my money.” I would like you to know, that I pre ordered Sunrise as soon as it popped up on Amazon. I truly love these books, and although I may live in Kansas, I felt like I was watching the whole story through their eyes, not my own. I was in a new world, and I would like to thank you for giving me another place to explore.

    • Thanks! That’s so kind of you. If you want to help make sure there’s a fourth ASHFALL book, rate and review the other three on all your favorite bookselling sites. If SUNRISE continues to sell well, my publisher will be much more interested in buying a follow-up.

  8. I loved this book and was wondering about any movie ideas for it yet? Also, i was wondering if you could come to my school for an author visit. I’ve recommended this book to about ten other people and all of them loved the series and most of them bought there own copies of it.

    • Thanks, Josh. ASHFALL was optioned for production as a TV series, but no network picked it up, so the option has expired and is available for sale again. I’d love to visit your school–just have your librarian or English teacher set it up. There’s info about my school visits including costs here:

  9. Please write more about Alex, Darla and the community and the rest of the world full of Ash. Im so addicted to these 3 books, you were writing like it was yourself experiencing the issues that Alex with dealing with when he hurt I hurt when he was happy I was happy.
    I hope your planing on writing more books of any kind.

  10. Best series ever please please please write another one soon I would love to see where Speranta is going to continue to move towards and maybe even what will happen after the sun rises and stays risen

  11. the trilogy/possible series of ash fall is the best I have read so far. I even stayed up some nights just to keep reading or in my case of being visually impaired I listened to them 🙂

  12. dear Mike I think you are a truly talented amazing author I you ever need an assistant writer I would be happy to help I would like to thank you for the amazing wonderful, basically ,best series ever . I myself am thinking of becoming author I’m currently writing a book called don’t look away.I’ve read your first book for when I was in 7th grade.and I have absolutely loved the series ever since… And let me say for the record, ashen winter and sunrise for absolute thrill rides. loved page, and every word.

    • Aww, thanks! If you want to be an author, you’re doing the right thing. Write! Write! Write some more! You may have to write 5-10 books before you get good enough to publish. The people who make it as authors aren’t the most talented; they’re the most determined.

  13. Dear mike I think that a fourth ash fall book would be great not only because of the giant cliff hanger at the end but because I think that there could be a lot more to this story I thought that all of the books came to soon I read all three of them within two weeks I’m thinking that if you make a fourth that you’re a great author and you’ll think of a way you thought of the other three but I think that you’ll be able to write a fourth I’ll get this new book that you’re writing just because I think you’re one of my favorite editors I’ve ever met thanks for the best series I’ve ever read and please please consider writing a fourth book you’re a truly incredible author thanks

    • Yes, it might happen. ASHFALL has been optioned for screen development twice now. If you know someone who wants to invest, say, $50 million in it, it could happen really fast.

  14. Hi Mike,this might sound stupid, but it could be a huge success: Did you ever think of doing a graphic novel or a video game? That could help the series reach new audiences. (But what do I know?) I mean, I know at least 100 people who would read it. It’s just an idea.

    • I’d love for there to be a video game and graphic novel. But I don’t have the expertise or resources to do that myself. So if you know anyone who wants to buy the rights and make a gain or graphic novel let me know.

      • I would own the graphic novel and pass it around just like I have the other three novels and darlas story. I love these stories, and that seems like one of the better ideas, aside from a set of movies.

  15. i loved this series but on the third book you seemed a little rushed by not giving the detail you did in the first and second book. i would love to see it as a movie and would happly go.

    • Thanks for the comment, Katie. What would you like to see in a fourth book that you didn’t get in the third book? I’ll tell you why I’m asking soon :).

    I would love to see more on Alex and Darla (and Ed, of coarse!)
    I also wanted to ask if you had any tips on writting. I’m currently writting a novel titled Scriptlash. I’m having serious writers block.

    • Should be big news on the fourth book soon. Try going for a walk, run, swim, bike ride, dancing, or taking a shower when you’re stuck. Any kind of physical activity seems to help.

  17. Just finished the Ashfall trilogy – what a great read – I loved them from beginning to end. Would think another trilogy could follow moving into the next generation, founding new US and world governments, etc. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. My library has your books listed under the young adult genre and that pleases me because at 71 I thought I was a bit beyond that particular age group. I myself have written a book about growing up in 1950’s Covington, Indiana and it has been a pretty popular around here – but what I’d give to have your talent. Keep up the good work Mike – and don’t wait too long on that follow-up, I’m itching to read it.

  18. You should write a book about Ed. You can make it sort of a prequel but not. it would be about his life with the flensers and how he came to meet Alex.

  19. I love your books so much! I am so glad your writing a fourth. Do you have any idea when it might be done?

  20. I would love to see Speranta go even further with Alex and Darla and maybe even see them with a family.

  21. I anyone has any idea when the next book might be released please email me!!!i am a young reader and I loved the books!!!i waited months and months after I had read the first one!!!

    • Thanks for your comment, Christopher. I wish I could give you some news about release dates. As of 8-31-15, I’m working through the 8th draft of SURFACE TENSION. When that is done, I’ll return to ASHFALL #4. I’m only about a quarter of the way through the first draft right now. By contract I have to deliver the book to my publisher by 12-31-17, but I hope to have it done sooner. Sorry for the long wait! I work hard and take the time I need to write the best books I can. (That’s my excuse, anyway.)

      • Okay ,thank you sir.im a young reader and I loved the books!thank you for writing them!!i got recommended to them and I just couldn’t stop reading them!!they have such a good storyline!!again,thank you!!

  22. Hey, I absolutely loved the ashfall series. I’m so excited for the fourth book in the series. Have you made a name for it yet? Are there any more chances of the series being made into a movie or TV series? That would be so awesome

    • Thanks! Yes, there is a production company trying to get ASHFALL made as a trilogy of movies right now. I don’t know if it will actually happen, but I hope so. I don’t have a name for ASHFALL #4. If you can think of a good one, let me know!

    • It would be easier to make a title if I had a bit of the book, just an overview. I like what you did with the end of Sunrise, making it the title. I feel like a fourth could be something along the lines of Daylight, A World of Shadows, Gray Skies, or even World of Ashes.

  23. Those are pretty good ideas! ASHFALL #4 starts two years after SUNRISE ends. Alex and Darla have an eight-month-old baby named Gloria. Speranta is incredibly prosperous, doing much better than any of their neighbors, and one of those much larger and more powerful neighboring states decides that they want Speranta’s food stores and technology, and they’ll do anything to get them.

    • Hmmm…I like that idea for the book! I’m even more excited now. Something simple to go with for a book name could be “Speranta”. It’s right to the point of what seems to be the focal point of the continuation of the story.

  24. I loved your Ashfall triology, and I owe you a huge thank you, because those books were what revived my interests of reading. I had gotten so tired of reading books that I was assigned to in school, cause they didn’t have an interesting plot in my opinion. When I read your first book, I had to read it 3-4 times because I was amazed at what you as an author were capable of. My friend had just told me about how you were planning on writing an 4th book and that is the best (early) birthday gift I have ever gotten. (September 18). Thanks, Sidd

  25. Hey mike I’m a big fan I wanted to ask if you could possible make me a character in the 4th book I know a lot if people ask but it would make my day

    • Hi Dylon, Thanks for being a fan! Sometimes I will donate tuckerization in a book to a charity, and they’ll auction off the rights to be in the book. If I do anything like that for ASHFALL #4, I’ll announce it on my social media feeds. –Mike

  26. i really hope you will make a 4th ashfall book i think there could be so much more into the book with darla and alex having a baby and there village growing i think there can be so much more.those are my thoughts.

    ps. you left us on a huge cliff hanger :'(

    • I am working on a fourth book. I’m only a third of the way through the first draft, so it may be quite a while before it’s ready. What did you want to know more about after SUNRISE? I’m curious. Thanks.

  27. i also want to add if you can add me in the book i know a lot of people say this but it would make my forever being in my fav.authors book .

    • Thanks! I’ll try to have some kind of charity auction or something where you can bid to be in the book. Watch my Facebook and Twitter–if I do it, I’ll announce it there.

  28. Mr. Mullin,
    I picked up your trilogy while I worked part time in a high school library while attending college. I figured it would make sense to read a book that I could recommend to some kiddos. I figured it would be an easy read, probably boring. But I read the back of the book, and I was definitely intrigued. After starting the book(s) I could not put them down! I’m a terrible English major… I love a series. It’s so difficult for me to read one book because I get so attached to characters and their lives. This series is a great one for that. I can’t wait for the fourth book; please don’t title it Speranta. It just wouldn’t fit with the three awesome titles you chose, which were so perfect. Side note, I would love to see this series become a movie. It would be a hit.
    Thanks for all you do!

    • Thanks! It has been optioned twice for screen development, and there is a production company trying to pull a deal together now. I have no idea if it will actually happen,though. Authors have very little control or input into that end of the business. –Mike

      • Will the DWB’s be a problem for Speranta in the future? Since they took over Worthington, they have all of their greenhouses and seeds. Will this enable them to survive and grow, and by doing so create a big problem?

        • Yes. In the two years since SUNRISE ended, they’ve consolidated with the Peckerwoods and formed an outlaw state in Iowa and points west and south called the Dirtywood Nation. But, unfortunately for Alex and Darla, they’re not the biggest problem Speranta faces…

  29. And Alex thought that if he let them be, they would eventually die off. I can’t wait to see how Alex, Rita Mae and the other survivors from Worthington react to this.

    • So far in book #4, the person who’s spent the most time obsessing about the Dirtywood Nation is Zik Goldman. He still hopes his daughter Emily is alive and somewhere in that part of the Midwest. Alex is focused on a bigger and more immediate problem, and Rita Mae is trying to run a library literally thousands of times bigger than the one she left in Worthington.

  30. Mr. Mullins
    I was so into the trilogy that when I finished sunrise I dreamt about darla and alex ! I love your books so much and when I heard about the 4th book coming out I was soooooooo happy!
    Best of luck

    • Thanks, Jessica. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed my work so much. I figure that if you’re dreaming about it, the writing affected you at a deep, emotional level, and that’s exactly what I try to achieve with my writing. If you have time and want to do me a big favor, please rate and review my work on your favorite booksellers’ sites. That really helps. Also, have you read DARLA’S STORY yet? It’s short, but only a buck. Enjoy! –Mike

  31. Hey mike! I’m a sophmore in high school and we were told in American lit to get a independent book to read on down time, my friend told me about ash fall, I don’t read a lot but I could not put it down, every moment of downtime I had I was reading I even pasted my friend who was on sunrise when I started reading, I finished all 3 books in 2 weeks and now forced to find another book which stinks…ash fall was so good! Any news on the 4th book release date? My birthday is in 4 days and i wanted to ask maybe can I have a signed ash fall book from you? It would mean the world if not its okay. Thanks for being the best

  32. Hi MIke,
    The idea of a movie or tv show on the ASHFALL trilogy sounds incredible. I would like to ask what tuckerization means, when you are talking about getting someone in a book. I’m quite curious, and when you couple the idea with charity, i’m very interested to know what it is. Also, could you maybe add a link to your Facebook page? I would love to see what’s up in the Mike Mullin world of social media. Like everyone else here, I am a huge fan, and I hope to hear from you soon

  33. Hey Mike, I loved the Ashfall books. Personally thought they were one of, if not the best series I’ve ever read. I’m really excited for the fourth book. I’ve read the series 3 times now and plan to again before long. The series was captivating, you could really connect with everything that was happening, I could feel Alex’s longing for ashen winter throughout the book, the pain when someone passed away, the fear during a battle it was amazing. I hope someone picks it up for a TV series/movie trilogy, because it has the potential to be a blockbuster. 10/10.

    Also, like everyone else being a character would be amazing for the fourth and a real honor..lol.

    • Thanks, Nik. I’m glad you enjoyed my work so much! If you feel like doing me a favor, rate and review my books on your favorite bookselling sites. The series has been optioned for screen development twice, so the movie thing could happen, although it’s a long shot.

  34. I have read all three Ashfall books and I absolutely love them! I have also read Darla’s Story which was much shorter, which I was expecting, however I think it was lacking a bit in detail.
    I can’t wait for the fourth book to come out, because the last book in the trilogy left off with so many unanswered questions, Like “how is the treaty with the target supplier doing?” (I think it was a target supplier).

  35. Hi I’m liana, and I LOVE your books, can I make the next book cover for you? I am a professional artist, I can draw, paint, sculpt, anything in art! If you could email me at liana.zinter13@gmail.com then I could show you examples of previous works! Hope to hear soon! (;

  36. I’m so in love with the ashfall series, I can never read a book twice, but I just finished all 3 ashfall books for the second time. If the fourth book has good sales could there possibly be a 5th book I think this is a serious that could go on tell Alex and Darla are older I want to be able to know when things start going back to normal with the world and how many more challenges also how Alex and Darla’s child grows up through this complicated world of not being able to be a kid rather having to grow up fast.

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