New Zombie Novel!

One of my critique partners just released his first indie book: All Together Now: A Zombie Story. I’ve read it twice in manuscript form. It’s by turns disgusting, terrifying, funny, and heartbreaking.

All Together Now is the story of Ricky, a fifteen year old who’s a fairly average kid other than being a great baseball player. When his six-year-old brother, Chuck, is bitten and infected by the zombie virus, all of Ricky’s bat-swinging skills are put to the test as he tries to survive the zombie epidemic and find a cure for Chuck.

I don’t love the cover. It looked awesome in sketch form, but the colorized version says middle grade to me. Ignore it if you can. This is a book adults, young adults, horror fans, and fans of apocalyptic fiction will love.

Full Disclosure: Rob is a good friend, and his critiques significantly improved my novels ASHEN WINTER, SUNRISE, and my novelette DARLA’S STORY. I’m hoping that hordes of my readers will shuffle zombie-like to their computers and buy a copy of All Together Now. Hey, at $2.99, it’s cheaper than a bottle of Kirkman’s Chrome Lightning! (That will make sense after you read the book.)

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