Ashfall Related Resources and Links:

Official curriculum and discussion guide (Tanglewood Press)
Ashfall sample chapters. Please feel free to print out, copy, and distribute these two free sample chapters as a way of getting students hooked on the books. (It’s like being a crack dealer, but without the evil part. Or the drugs.)
STEM Read Ashfall page Includes multiple videos and activities. (Northern Illinois University)
Pre-reading activity (Northern Illinois University)
Ashfall vocabulary (Northern Illinois University)
Ashfall problem-solving activity (Northern Illinois University)
Google map of places mentioned or visited in ASHFALL (Northern Illinois University)
Indiana College and Career Ready Standards for 6-8th Grade. List of standards that apply to my presentations and books. Compiled by Dawn Ulfig at Kekionga Middle School.

Supervolcano Links:

USGS Yellowstone Volcano Observatory
BBC program on the Yellowstone supervolcano on YouTube (1 hour)
Discovery Channel introduction to the Yellowstone supervolcano on YouTube (2 minutes)
Author Visits:

Visit this page to learn more about scheduling a free Skype or relatively inexpensive in-person author visit.