Calling All Librarians and Teachers in Des Moines and Philadelphia

I’m speaking at the Iowa Association of School Librarians (IASL) conference on April 12th in Des Moines. I’d love to stay over on Monday the 13th and Tuesday the 14th to visit schools and/or libraries in the area. Since IASL is paying my airfare, any events scheduled Monday or Tuesday would be significantly cheaper than normal. Full information on my school and library visits can be found here.

I’ll also be speaking at Garnet Valley High School near Philadelphia on Tuesday, April 21st. I’d love to do other events on Monday, April 20th. (I’m already booked in Indianapolis on Wednesday.) Garnet Valley is  paying my airfare, so a visit on Monday the 20th would be significantly cheaper than normal.

If you’re interested in either of these opportunities, please email me at before February 15, 2015. Thanks, and happy reading!

*I guess I won’t be taking a Romanian airline to either Des Moines or Philadelphia, but I wish I could. It can’t be any worse than the U.S. companies!


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