Blog Tour Winner, Week Two

 Okay, so we had a little snafu and only had four posts last week. Better odds for everyone who commented, right? There were a total of 58 comments on those four posts. I’m getting my trusty D&D dice… 38. That would be my own comment on Reading Angel. I’m not eligible to win. Let’s try this again… 9. Me again! My last comment on A Good Addiction. Wow, I’m lucky tonight. 14. OMG, me again?! This is getting weird. It’s not like I commented on my own blog tour that much. 53. Please don’t be me. Thank goodness–it’s not me. I was starting to think my dice were haunted or something. Congrats to Vivien–I’ll email you now. There’s still an international copy and two more weekly copies up for grabs, so keep following the tour and keep commenting! Thanks.

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