Press Materials

Below find materials that may be helpful to you in promoting an author visit. Click on any item to download it. All these items may be reproduced and reused freely.


Low-Res Author Photo (photo credit Larry Endicott)

Hi-Res Author Photo (photo credit Larry Endicott)

Low Res. ASHFALL Cover

High Res. ASHFALL Cover


High Res. ASHEN WINTER Cover

Low Res. SUNRISE Cover

High Res. SUNRISE Cover

Low Res. DARLA’S STORY Cover

High Res. DARLA’S STORY Cover

Here are a few sample flyers and posters that librarians have created to promote my visits. Feel free to download and modify them for your own visit if you wish:

Flyer by Margaret Sullivan

Green Poster by Becky Ruberg

Red Poster by Becky Ruberg

Poster by Cathy Sutton

How Taekwondo Is Like Writing Poster by Lys Allman

Geology of ASHFALL Poster by Lys Allman

Need ideas about how to promote an author visit at your library or bookstore? Here are ten of my favorites.