Promoting an Author Visit

Thank you!

Thank you for inviting me to visit your community. I look forward to meeting everyone involved with your event. Here are some general guidelines to prepare for my visit. If you have questions, please contact me at

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General Preparations

  • Please provide a table for props and a power source.
  • If the presentation will be in a large auditorium, gym or room, please provide a lavalier-style microphone.
  • Please provide a projection system. I will bring my laptop as well as a USB drive loaded with my PowerPoint presentation.
  • For the Writing Funshop, the following items will be needed: lots of paper and at least two writing implements per participant; 5-30 random unusual objects; a large area for me to write on that all the participants can see (i.e. chart paper and easel, chalkboard, whiteboard) along with writing implements to write on that area (i.e. markers, chalk, whiteboard markers).
  • Please schedule additional time for me to sign books. I love to interact with readers. You may wish to have copies of my books available in advance for purchase. Contact your local bookstore for details. If you need other options, please contact me at
  • If I am doing more than one presentation in your area, please allow time for meals, breaks, setup and breakdown as well as travel time.

How to Promote My Visit

Here’s are suggestions on how to promote my visit in your community.

  • Put a sign in the library’s front yard. Yes, this one is huge and intrusive. That’s why it worked so well.
  • Contact your local newspapers and radio stations. I am available for interviews with the media prior to the event. Please contact me at to schedule an interview.
  • Create a display of my books at your local library or bookstore. You may also wish to order books in advance for people to purchase and bring with them to the event for me to sign.
  • Put up flyers. Grab the available graphics from my site and create your own.
  • Add the event on your website (the main page works best), You can also create an event on Facebook and invite your friends and family.
  • Talk to people! Word of mouth is amazing. Spread the word in person or on social media. Mention it multiple times so people don’t forget.
  • Do a contest as a tie in. Invite students at local schools to submit artwork based on ASHFALL or science-fair-style projects. Display the work at the library, and award prizes at the end of my talk. (This idea snurched from the Marshall Public Library, where it worked amazingly well.)
  • Invite local schools, reading groups, day cares, etc. to bring a group of students to the event. I can handle as many as the room seats. While my books are for ages 14+, my presentation is interesting enough to hold younger kids’ attention, too.



Thank you again for inviting me to visit. If you have any questions about preparing for my visit or about promoting it. Please contact me at

Need to share this information with others? Download this handout.

Sample Promotional Materials for Inspiration

PowerPoint Slides by Margaret Sullivan