Another Example of Idiocy in Education

The District of Columbia Public Schools are cutting librarians. Almost half their schools will be without qualified librarians when school reopens.

This despite more than 60 studies conducted in 22 states that directly link qualified school librarians to student achievement.

Hey, D.C.! I’ve got a suggestion for you. Why not cut 9% from your bloated $36.3 million administration budget? That’s enough to save all the district’s librarian jobs. You should start the cuts with whichever idiot at central office thought librarians contributed less to your children’s education than the pencil pushers downtown.

4 thoughts on “Another Example of Idiocy in Education

  1. Thank you, Mike! Not only do I love your book, I love your thoughts on librarians. A huge part of educating kids is trying to make them life long readers. Try doing that without a librarian as many teachers (unfortunately) don’t love to read. It’s the librarian who recommends books and knows what each student loves. It’s the librarians who pick the best books for kids.

    • Thanks for commenting, Pamela! It’s a frustrating issue for me. If we really believed in research-based education, we’d be hiring more librarians, not cutting them.

  2. Hear hear! If it’s just somebody staffing the check-out desk, who’s introducing the kids to books they might not otherwise discover, that fit their interests and reading levels? It’s an awesome thing to watch a child or teen go from “hanging out in the library” to being an active reader, and good librarians are key to that transition.

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