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Didn’t get enough romance on Valentine’s Day? (I did, my wife and I went shopping for a washer and dryer!) Well, I’m here to help. Kaylie Corban told me part of this story on Twitter, and I just had to know the rest. Writing can be a lonely profession, (not that I’m complaining, I make up lies and get paid for it!) but sometimes I wonder if what I do really matters–does it make a difference in anyone’s lives? Well, here’s the true story about how ASHFALL and a ridiculously long signing line helped Kaylie meet her boyfriend. I loved the story so much that I asked Kaylie to share it with you in honor of Valentine’s Day. –Mike

Sadly (for me), the line wasn’t quite this long.

There I was, at the book signing that would make my year. Mike Mullin,  the man that wrote the ASHFALL trilogy, my favorite book series, was standing right in front of me! Well, about thirty feet across the school auditorium because of the infinitely long line I’d been in for the past half hour. I felt like a stalker with how long I’d just been staring at him, waiting for the line to shorten, but I had nothing else to do! It had already been so exciting, but I was bored, egregiously. Bored enough to tear my hair out! Why hadn’t I brought another book? I would have read my copy of Ashfall again, but I’d read it three times in the past week alone!

There was, however, a remarkably cute guy in line ahead of me. At least he looked like he might be cute. All I’d seen was his back.

It was a hard decision, but I knew what I had to do. I tapped on his shoulder, and said, “Hello.” My heart was racing like a driver in the Indy 500. I hate introductions with a passion, but this one was an exception. He turned around, and I inspected his face. Yep, cute. He had adorable green eyes and big bushy eyebrows that I just couldn’t get over.

Crap! I’m staring!

I immediately looked down at my shoes.

“Hi.” He replied quietly.  His whispery  tone made me want to hear more so I kept asking questions.

“What’s your name? I don’t think I’ve met you before.”


“David who?”

“Just David,” and for a second, just a second, I saw him smirk. It was incredible. I’d later find out that it was because it was a book reference that I didn’t quite get. Which baffled me, because I thought no person in the world read more than I. But he had. As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one that had a really close friendship with the school librarians.

Our hour long conversation about Ashfall spilled out. I was so nervous, more than I usually would be, but at the same time I felt a sense of comfort at the soft sound of his voice.

By the time we got to the front of the line, I was so absorbed in him, I had forgotten where I was! I got my book signed by the Mike Mullin and left both him and “just David” to themselves. That was the start of the best and longest relationship of my life, and it’s still ongoing. I fell in love with David thanks to Mike Mullin’s ridiculously long signing line. It would’ve been the perfect day… if someone hadn’t stolen my newly signed copy of Ashfall fifteen minutes afterward. –Kaylie Corban


Aww, my heart is melting. Thanks for the inspiring Valentine’s Day story, Kaylie. As a thank you for your bravery in letting me post this on my blog, I’d like to send you a signed set of hardcover first printings of the ASHFALL trilogy. These are collectable editions you can’t buy in stores anymore. I think I should sign them to Kaylie Extraordinary and Just David. –Mike


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  1. hey…Mike….I did tell you the story of how I started raising rabbits after reading “Ashfall” didn’t I ? Yep…inspired by Darla!!

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