A Contest to Celebrate ASHEN WINTER!

My author copies of ASHEN WINTER came in today! I know, I know, I already posted about it only an hour ago. Here’s a completely gratuitous picture of them with my cat, Pepper:

So how can you get one early? Preorder! There are links at www.ashenwinter.com. Want one even earlier? Okay, okay, let’s have a contest! I’m not going to give away my shiny new hardbacks yet, but I have five paperbound advance reading copies (ARCs) of ASHEN WINTER, and I want to mail one to you!

So for the first ARC giveaway, I’m going to think of a completely random name. Quiet, I’m thinking….

I’ve got it! The completely random name I thought of is Sheryl Russell Clark. If there’s anyone reading this blog by that name who also went to high school in Paris, Illinois, email me your physical address! You’ve won! I’m at mike.mullin.writer at gmail dot com. (I’ve made Grant wait long enough, ha!)

Want to win one of the other four ARCs I’m giving away? Easy, just comment on this post with something you will do to help me spread the word about ASHEN WINTER. The crazier the better. I’ll pick the four ideas I like the best and send ARCs out to the winners right away. Include your email in your comment so I can contact you, please. I reserve the right to award no prizes, or if the ideas really rock, I might dip into my stash of hardbacks. Good luck!

24 thoughts on “A Contest to Celebrate ASHEN WINTER!

  1. OMG!! YAY Sheryl!! Jealous but that is so amazingly awesome I hope you enjoy every wonderful page!! I am totally willing to post on my blog, facebook, tweet my little heart out (well figuratively) and jump around like a lunatic telling whoever may listen about how they MUST read. Will already drive the people I work with nuts after seeing this lol
    Hope you get many awesome and wonderful bribes <3
    Tiffany Escaping… One Book @ a Time

  2. Well, I go to a lot of meetings, so I’ll take a copy of Ashen Winter with me, and make sure it’s the topic of discussion for our chit chat?

    Barring that, I’ll totally leave Banksy-style flyers advertising Ashen Winter at my local library, bookstore, etc. Just call me, El Barto. πŸ˜‰

  3. I will have my Extreme Reading class promote Ashen Winter throughout Badger High School in Lake Geneva, WI. We will make fliers with the release date to post around the school, decorate our window display with an Ashfall theme, create Ashen Winter bookmarks and pass them out at lunch, and pass out bags of popcorn with Ashen Winter release info stickers on them. Not to mention featuring the book on our blog: http://x-tremereaders.blogspot.com
    This would be a great opportunity for our class πŸ™‚

    Jen Sternberg – readteachwrite@gmail.com

  4. Well, since I have my own book page as well as a personal page and twitter accounts, tc. I can post about your book on them to get the word out. Also a good idea is to get coffee mugs done with your cover on them as giveaways to whoever gets your page the most likes. I did mine at zazzle.com. My email address is tiffanytinney@yahoo.com

  5. Man! Since my university welcome week (a week of fun celebration) is coming up (meaning thousands of new students), I will go up to every single one (at least hopefully most) of them and tell them about your books! Really! I mean of course I can always do the conventional blogging on my blog FireStarBooks and tweet, and facebook, and goodreads, and tumblr, and google+, and YouTube, and even email the heck out of my friends. (That is a lot of ANDs) πŸ˜›

    I am so excited!

    Well, hopefully you like my idea πŸ˜€


  6. Mike!! Mayor Kenda and blood donor Kyle here!! As faithful followers, we have our shiny, new hardback on order, but would LOVE to get our hands on an ACR before the release date!!!!

    So…we solemnly swear to promote ASHEN WINTER (AND ASHFALL, of course) throughout our Northern Virginia school district, as well as all regional sporting events, AND at our upcoming Mid-Atlantic SCBWI conference. All will hear of you and your books’ supreme awesomeness!!

    Pick ME! Pick ME!!

    Much continued success to you, Mike!!!!!

    Kenda and Kyle Henthorn

    Kendakay24 at yahoo dot com

  7. Well, I am not a young adult. I’m a middle-aged adult πŸ™ who passed Ashfall onto everyone that I know. Seriously, I even gave it to my dad who never reads and he loved it! I even suggest it to kids in bookstores whether they want my suggestion or not. Sure, they all give me their “stranger-danger” wide-eyed look, but I’m not doing any harm. I’m doing GOOD! I plan to do the same with Ashen Winter and I can’t wait. I am from the Cedar Falls area, which just made the book even more wonderful for me. Just keep me in mind! I have always loved to read and almost everyday I think to myself…”Jessica, you’re a nerd, but think of the nerd you would be if the level of young adult fiction 20 years ago would have been what it is today.” Super-nerd! I’m okay with that! πŸ˜‰ Longwisch@mediacombb.net

  8. I hearby swear to you, Mike Mullin, to spread the word of your amazing books by tweeting, goodread’ing, facebooking, and tumblr’ing. I also vow to go the old fashion way and tell everyone i meet (e.g.. friend, foe, and stranger) about the book

    Or i can pull an Augustus Waters and write a letter to your favourite author letting them know what they are missing out by not meeting you and by not reading your books (well thats if they haven’t)


  9. I will promote Ashen Winter in my classroom (Ashfall has a waiting list), in the Media Center, at the local public library and wherever and whenever I can. Hey, you were part of my first day of school introduction in all my English classes, does that count?!? I LOVE promoting Indiana YA authors!!

  10. The crazier the better, eh? I will strip naked and on my front have the Ashen Winter cover. On my back I will paint a warning, “CANNIBALS IN DUBUQUE, IA!!!” I might even go to Dubuque and do this πŸ˜›

  11. OMG! Favorite photographer, I mean, Sheryl
    You’re so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And… I don’t know what else I can do to promote Ashen Winter here lol, I’ve tried a lot hahaha…
    The last thing I did was threaten people I know in my family and friends circle…

    THEY SHALL READ your books, I told them they’re a guide to what could probably happen if one of the volcanoes here erupted, I mean, seriously, my country is all valleys, mountains, volcanoes and more… and if one single volcano were to erupt… I’m pretty sure our whole tiny country would disappear, so…
    BUY it and I GUARANTEE you have a nice chance at surviving hehehe!!

    I’m soooooooooo freaking excited you have NO idea MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I will get Ashen Winter tattooed on my forehead. Yes really no that’s not my fingers crossed behind my back ignore the man behind the curtain. I could blog about it and review it and tell everyone I know. Tis what I do as a book blogger/lover person πŸ™‚

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