$885 Raised to Benefit the Libro-traficantes!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the my mini-auction to benefit the Libro-traficantes! Together we raised $885 for the effort to smuggle banned books into Arizona!

If you didn’t win, visit the charity auction site benefiting the Henryville, Indiana school library destroyed by a tornado. You can bid on the same items I auctioned off here (tuckerization in the third ASHFALL novel, a signed first edition of ASHFALL, an ASHFALL poster, and an early ARC of ASHEN WINTER). Bidding is open until 9:00 pm EST on Saturday, March 17th. Thanks again!

4 thoughts on “$885 Raised to Benefit the Libro-traficantes!

  1. Great idea! One of the schools you’ll be visiting worked to meet a $10,000 local match for the Henryville school, so I hope you can share with them about your involvement.

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